About Us

With us you get a two planners for one, Hannah the organiser and Lisa the creative. Our shared love for design, glitter paper and props grew in to this wonderful business of ours.


Lisa graduated with a BA (hons) in Theatre, Performance and Event Design from Birmingham City University. She has worked in the art department on films and television including Death at a Funeral, Eastern Promises and Downton Abbey.


Hannah studied Broadcasting at the University of Cornwall graduating in 2003. Since then Hannah has worked as a Production Manager for a London based TV Production Company working with big names such as MTV, Sky TV, ITV, Gala Bingo, Thomas Cook and Argos TV.

Bringing together 10 years of experience from TV and film set decoration and production we promise to create a unique and personalised event.


Why Us?

We want to give you the wonderful wedding day from start till finish and show everyone a damn good time! 


We treat each wedding as a individually as you are and we structure our pricing so you only pay for what you want. Weddings are expensive things so we are resourceful, creative and imaginative.

Our style is personal and fun. We want to help make your wedding reflect you and your love story. We want to inject your day with who you are, why you love what you love, whether it be music, food, your pet, films - a tv show! This is your wedding day and it should be about all about YOU and ultimately it should be filled with love and your personality! 

Want to know more about us, give us a ring and we can arrange a nice cup of tea or a cocktail and talk fun stuff!